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Fantasy Horse Racing At Its Best

Fellow jump racing fans, the season is finally upon us. Congratulations to everyone for making it through the summer, putting up with the flat racing and not throttling the kids. It’s all going to pay off, for we are about to embark on what just might be the best jumps season in history.

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Upcoming competitions:

Most prestigious:

1) All Graded races Champion - Most points achieved from ALL Graded races
2) All other races Champion - Most points achieved from ALL (excludes Graded) races
3) Cheltenham Champion - Most points achieved from ALL races at Cheltenham
4) Irish Champion - Most points achieved from ALL races held in Ireland

Other competitions of note throughout the year:

November 2016 Champion
- December 2016 Champion
- January 2017 Champion
- February 2017 Champion
- March 2017 Champion
Cheltenham Festival 2017 Overall Champion
- Cheltenham Festival 2017 Daily Competitions: Day1Day2Day3 and Day4

- Many other weekend and meeting specific competitions throughout the jumps season. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter as well as our regular newsletter to ensure you enter the competitions

Previous Competitions - Click here for Winners' Row

Not already playing along? No problem... Follow the simple steps below

1) You will need to sign into the site using your Facebook, Google or Twitter ID

2) Join any leagues you wish to take park in by clicking on the "Join/View" link... Manager of the Months... Weekend Warriors etc etc

3) Choose your selections from the list of races, choose your bet, EW or WIN, click submit and watch your points come in!


Previous Competitions - Click here for Winners Row


- Cheltenham: Great prizes to Cheltenham (and potentially other) racecourses throughout the year
- Monthly/Weekly winners – Tickets, free bets plus a multitude of other prizes
- Tickets to the Cheltenham Festival in March
- Other competitions and prizes as we see fit. Per day, per week, per month, per meeting etc
- Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of competition closing

As with all competitions, there are a multitude of rules to ensure everything is clear. See below.

- (CFI) have the final word on all matters
- CFI will publish competition specific rules in advance of said competition
- Making your predictions through WWW.HORSEPREDICTOR.COM, you will choose either a 10 point WIN bet, or a 5 point EW bet per race
- Returns are calculated on SP and all returns are 'fantasy points' only. Standard racing rules for place positions
- The overall league will track your performance and total your points up to the final day's racing
- No doubt a load more as we get in to the nitty gritty! 
- If you have any direct questions, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Global League 2016/17

League table will be added once competition is in full swing

Global League 2015/16

Global League 2014/15

Global League 2013/14